Care and Maintenance

 Friendly tips from Loft Details Furnishing to help you maintain you sofas and furnitures. Proper care & maintenance will keep your sofa and furnitures remain beautiful and long lasting.

General leather care for your sofa

  • Dust your leather sofa with clean, dry soft cloth periodically.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners which contain strong chemical such as ammonia or acids.
  • Preferably with mild mixture of water and neutral soap.
  • Do not use polish or oils.

Things you need to know about your new sofa

  • Avoid lifting, pulling or pushing from the sewn-on cushions as this may cause tear or damage.
  • Transportation may have cause some section of the sofa with irregular folds or depressions. This will gradually disappear over time.
  • Avoid sitting on the back rest or arm as the frame of this section of the sofa may not be able to take your weight.
  • Keep the sofa at least 1ft. away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Healed scars, vein marks, difference in grain, texture and color tone on the leather are unique characteristic and natural properties of leather and will not affect its durability.

Proper use and maintenance of wood furniture

  • Keep furnitures at least 1ft. away from the heat sources
  • Keep furnitures away from direct sunlight
  • When moving furnitures, handle with extra care. Avoid pulling or pushing the furnitures.
  • Position your furnitures on even surface/floor to ensure even pressure at the bottom thus avoid deformities.
  • Keep furnitures dry at all times. Avoid putting it on wet/moist surface or floor.

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Care and Maintenance